KIOS: Parenting, Part 6: We Are Grateful For Our Baby

This post is part of my series, “Kickin’ It Old Skool: Why and How We Are Old-Fashioned” or KIOS for short.  If you’re new to the series, please read my disclaimer before continuing on.  I’m keeping a table of contents to this series here so you can see what I’ve already written about and what more there is to come. 

Alternately, I could have titled this post, “Sing the #%$!@% Rooster Song.”

I know, shocking.  Let me explain.

When Ellie was much younger, she loved the song, “Miss Mary Mack.”  I listed all the ways she loved that song in this post.  Quickly, though, that song lost its attraction and “I Had a Rooster” took its place.  As my family in Alaska knows, that song was what kept her happy on car rides for a couple months.  One day, I was driving somewhere and was singing the rooster song for what felt like the millionth time.  Frankly, I was sick of it and just wanted to be listening to NPR.  I was whining to myself about it (while singing “The little dog goes woof, woof, woof!”), when I realized,

  Laura, you desperately wanted this baby.  You longed for this baby.  You prayed for this baby.  Sing the #%$!@% rooster song.”

And so I sang it.  And I taught myself a valuable lesson that day, which Nik and I tried to remind ourselves of whenever we feel a little overwhelmed or resentful of all the life changes that we’ve made since Ellie was born.

We try to be grateful for Ellie, for the gift of her in our lives, every single day.  It’s not Ellie’s fault that we brought her into this world.  It’s not her fault that she’s a baby.   We’re the adults in the situation and so we see it as our responsibility to mold ourselves, our needs, and our wants to fit Ellie’s needs and wants.

There’s a lot of parenting advice out there which says that you should force the baby to fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around.  Honestly, we see that as not fair to the baby.

Babies are babies.  They have very specific wants and needs (which are actually the same thing) that can’t be met the way that adults needs and wants can be.

That’s why when Ellie tells me that she needs to nurse, I let her nurse.  That’s why we don’t often go out at night any more because she thrives on a consistent bedtime.  That’s why we don’t mind that our life looks different than it used to look.

That’s why every day, I try to be grateful for my baby, not resentful.  I particularly have to remind myself of this when I’m changing her diaper and if she’s pooped, saying, “Hooray! Poopie!” 🙂

And if she wants me to sing her the rooster song**, I try to remember to sing it with a grateful heart!

**These days, it’s actually more likely to be Old MacDonald or Itsy-Bitsy Spider.

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3 Responses to KIOS: Parenting, Part 6: We Are Grateful For Our Baby

  1. Oh yes! It’s easy to forget that babies aren’t destroying the house because they’re being naughty. They’re destroying the house because it’s fun and fun is fun! 🙂

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