18-Month Birthday at the Zoo!

On Thursday, Ellie turned 18 months old!

To celebrate, we joined our friends at the zoo.  OK, not really specifically to celebrate, but it was a fun way to spend the day anyway!

We started off by having fun looking at the crazy vultures. My friend and I decided we can understand why they’ve ended up being bad guys in so many Disney movies.

The faces with no feathers are a bit freaky.

While at the zoo and looking at the tortoises, we met a little boy who was almost 18-months old.  While I wasn’t looking, he gave Ellie a hug.  She just looked at him and then burst into tears.  Good work Ellie!  That’s exactly what you’re supposed to do when a boy tries to touch you! 🙂

Ellie and A having fun together.

That afternoon, we had Ellie’s 18-month well-baby checkup.  One of the questions our doctor asked me was if Ellie was enjoying being with other kids, particularly those who are a little bit older than her.  I was able to give her an emphatic “Yes!”.  She loves being with her friends!  And Sharla and I had a great time watching our little girls together!

Here’s Ellie telling A where she wants to go.  I guess she knows her own mind, even at 18 months!

And for those  inquiring minds who want to know, Ellie is currently 23 pounds, 12 ounces and 32.5 inches long.

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