Helping Mama

Ellie is truly helping me these days, in many ways.

She loves to empty the silverware rack in the dishwasher.  She hands me each piece individually, says, “Na-win” (her happy sound!), and goes back for the next one.

She helps clear the table after dinner.

She puts her dirty clothes in the hamper.

She absolutely adores going down to the basement to do laundry with me.  When we wash the diapers, she always carries the covers upstairs (the covers in her arms while she is in my arms).

Today, she brought them up, put them in the recliner, and then happily played with them for several minutes while I was doing other things – again, helping Mama!

To any moms (or aunties or anyone else with experience with kids) who reading this – how do you encourage your kids to help you?  What jobs have you found that they can do, even when they’re this little?  I want to keep this good thing going!

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8 Responses to Helping Mama

  1. karynme says:

    Both of our boys are great helpers (it takes me twice as long, but it’s twice the fun!). I, too, hope it continues. Since they do love to help, I’ve yet to “assign” chores. Rather I just say something like, “Let’s get all these clothes folded (sometimes we race) so we can head outside for a walk.” Sure we have our days, but so far doing things (both working and playing) as a team is the trick for us. Oh, and I do try to take advantage of the times when they’re busy playing on their own–that’s when I tackle something best done by just me.

    I’m curious to hear from others…

  2. Jessica says:

    My boys have loved to vacuum from the time they were little… She may be too little to handle the real vacuum now, but if you start her with a toy one she can vacuum next to you. Then when it’s time to graduate to the real thing, it’s a big deal!!! I love that I can now say, I need someone to vacuum the living room and 2 five year olds go racing to see who can get to the vacuum first. And they do a really good job too!!

  3. anne says:

    V&P loved to put their own clothes in the hamper each night. They were about Ellie’s age when they started. I loved seeing how proud they were of themselves! A few others…putting their own toys back, help dusting– give them a cloth while you are doing it too. SO proud of Ellie!

    • Laura says:

      Anne – that would require me remembering to dust! 🙂 Actually, maybe I’ll just put Ellie in charge of dusting completely right now! 🙂

  4. jennifer barnard says:

    My kids love laundry & dishes also & we’ve only had one broken dish so far 😉

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