Lots and Lots and Lots of Guests

This past weekend was a fun but hectic one for us.  We hosted Nik’s tennis team on Saturday night for the annual team dinner/Four On The Couch tournament.  We made Chipotle-style black bean and rice burritos and WAY overestimated the amount of food that 20 teenagers would eat.  (Yes, we took notes for next year!)

Here’s Ellie, smiling at A, one of my former students.  He’s MUCH bigger than he was in sixth grade!  He’s a junior now and while bigger, he still has the same personality.  Nik has several of my former students on his team, which I love.

So then on Sunday after church, we invited a few friends over to help us eat the leftovers.  Sunday evening, some friends from our small group came over for dinner before our small group, which has 14 adults and 12 children.

All in all, we figure that we hosted 50-60 people over the weekend!  Ellie was a bit overwhelmed, I think!

And, I proved that 37 cloth napkins is NOT cloth napkin nirvana as I’d previously thought.  I guess I need to make a few more!

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