First Zoo Trip of the Year!

Yiayia gave Ellie a membership to the zoo for Christmas and we figured that it was time to start taking advantage of it!  So Auntie Julie, Ellie, and I went on Saturday.  We had a wonderful time!  Ellie absolutely loved seeing the animals.  We had so much fun with her!

pointing at the zebras

enjoying the sun and Auntie Julie’s arms (those blessed arms that carried Ellie all over the zoo when she neither wanted to walk nor ride in the stroller)

We really enjoyed interacting with the chimpanzees.  There were several who spent quite a bit of time at the window with us.

Julie and I managed to miss this crocodile for several minutes of admiring the turtles playing on its back.  We were pretty startled when we realized that the rock was actually a crocodile!

Ellie’s favorite animals were actually the birds that were right by the entrance to the main part of the zoo.  We probably could have stayed there the whole time.  Here’s a taste of her enjoyment of the animals!

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