December Sewing: Joanna and Vic’s Blessing Book

We hosted a co-ed baby shower for our friends, Joanna and Vic, back in the middle of November.  The shower was  a really fun team effort.

Sharla made amazingly beautiful cupcakes.

Elaine brought delicious pumpkin dip with apples.

I made spicy walnut pesto dip.

Julie brought apple cider from the farmers’ market, which we mulled.

Oh but wait, this is supposed to be about sewing right? 🙂

During the shower, everyone wrote blessings for Vic and Joanna for them to read as they enter the wonderful, but sometimes difficult, adventure of parenthood.  I made the book but didn’t have time to sew the cover for them like I’d planned.  (I did manage to at least sew their present – cloth wipes which I never even blogged about.)  So they told me to keep it and give it to them once I’d finished it.

[Then Dad came back from England, Thanksgiving happened, it got buried under other projects, I forgot about it, I sewed for who knows how many hours for Christmas, and here we are, six weeks later.  On Monday, I was cleaning my sewing room, restoring order to the madness and unearthed it.]

Two days ago, I finally had the time to finish their book for them – just in time for the baby to come next month!

Here’s the cover (Joanna prefers purple over pink):

And I love the pattern that the sewing made on the inside of the cover.

I think this may be my new go-to design when making cards to give to people!

We love you, Vic and Joanna and we can’t wait to meet your little girl!

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2 Responses to December Sewing: Joanna and Vic’s Blessing Book

  1. Kings says:

    Woohoo! We can’t wait to read it. 🙂
    -Joanna & Vic

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