Bye-bye Grandpa! Thanks for the tea!

My dad is in the air as we speak, on his way back to Alaska.  It was wonderful having him with us, and especially nice to be able to spend Thanksgiving with him.  I haven’t been with my family for Thanksgiving since 2006 and I really enjoyed having him with us!

We also are enjoying the seven pounds of dark chocolate that he brought back from England for us.   It’s going to take forever for us to eat all that chocolate.

And the 1600 bags of PG Tips?  Jon and Leah – that was so nice of you to send those for us!  We don’t even drink tea that often so we were really surprised that you sent it to us and not Eric and Meggan (those insatiable tea drinkers).

Ellie’s thrilled too, as you can tell.

Ellie even took her socks off in gratitude!

She actually takes off her socks almost as soon as we put them on her.  And don’t worry – I know the shoe trick but she takes off her shoes too.  Oh well.  If she wants to have cold feet, that’s her problem, not mine.

We’ll miss you Grandpa!  Thanks for the tea!

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5 Responses to Bye-bye Grandpa! Thanks for the tea!

  1. megga says:

    it’s so big. so very big!

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  3. jonandleah says:

    Gotta love the tea bags! Hope everyone enjoys them! Kaitlyn always take her shoes off when she come inside, and her socks come off right away as well. She has always been like that. Hope you enjoy the chocolate! (I am only now getting caught up on blogs!

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