Hooray for Baby Maria! (August, September, October, November Sewing)

Baby Maria arrived a couple months ago and Ellie and I decided to welcome her to this world with a diaper bag (surprise, surprise).  I’m becoming quite a pro at diaper bags.  Maria is my third new niece in 7 months! Jon and Leah requested a bag that they could both use and also wanted to use the bag on a stroller.  So I modified the bag that I’ve made twice before (for us and for Meggan) and came up with this one.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

The original tutorial is here, although I’ve made lots of modifications to the pattern.  The outside fabric is duck cloth and the lining fabric is by Alexander Henry.  I bought them both at Joann Fabrics.

Leah’s side:

Jon’s side:

(See?  Not boring but not girly, I hope!)

The strap comes off and then the side straps converts to hang on a stroller, like so:

(I found the idea for how to do this here, although I did not make the bag in the tutorial.)

Here’s the inside, with two pockets with elastic and two without:

The back panel of the bag has a zippered pocket:

I made this bag two inches wider than the original design, to allow for more storage space.  This made the bottom pretty saggy though so I designed a pouch to slide into the bottom to stiffen it.  I put two pieces of plastic canvas inside of it, for the stiffener.  These can be taken out to wash the pouch if needed.

As with Meggan’s bag, I embellished the outside of the pocket with little fabric strips.  This time, I managed to get both sides to line up perfectly!!!!!  I am so proud of this accomplishment that I’m going to show you a picture of both sides.

Oh yeah! **Laura does a happy dance!**

As always, I made a matching changing pad (but backed with blue) and wallet.  Ellie didn’t see too motivated to hold these still for the picture!

It was much easier to take pictures with Ellie when she was younger.  Now, she just doesn’t keep still!

Jon and Leah, we hope you enjoy using your new bag with your new little daughter (and Kaitlyn, too of course!)  We love you four!!

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6 Responses to Hooray for Baby Maria! (August, September, October, November Sewing)

  1. meggan says:

    eric wants one. he loves my bag. its beautiful

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  3. Zonya says:

    I’ve been obssessing this week about diaper bags and contemplating making one of my own. I found the tuturial you used, and through that found your blog. I have to say, I like your bag the best of any I’ve seen out there made with this tutorial! I’m curious how you did the little fabric strip embelishments. Would you mind sharing?

    • Laura says:

      Hi Zonya! Thanks for your comment and your compliments! I’ll try to post a tutorial soon for how to add those fabric strips. It’s very easy and I’ve done it on many things!

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