A Mixed Blessing

Our house is tricky to get in to.  If you’re a first-time visitor to our house, you’ll probably be very confused as to what side of the house you’re supposed to enter on.  This is because the front of our house has a door, but there’s no way to get to it from the ground.  We have a nice front porch but it can only be entered from the inside.  So we have two side doors – one is the technical “front” door but we never use it.  The other is our kitchen door, the one that we use all the time.  This is fine except that whenever we have people over, I feel the pressure to have all the dishes done, more than I might if our kitchen was not also our entry way.  This also means that our kitchen floor is always overrun with shoes.  I’m working on solving this problem.

But on Halloween, we’re always grateful for our weird set of doors because we very rarely get any trick-or-treaters.  I think they can’t figure out where to knock.  Last night, we got three – and they came in one group.  So I gave out six pieces of candy and that was it.  I really don’t like Halloween so we didn’t do anything to encourage the little sugar-hungry costumed people.  I turned out all our lights except in our office/playroom.  It’s on the back of our house and we closed the curtains too.

Mission accomplished – no being bothered by trick-or-treaters and we had a nice calm evening.

That’s why our weird entry doors are indeed a mixed blessing.

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