She’s One!

One year ago today, Ellie joined our family.  The past year has been so incredibly full of love and joy…and sleeplessness and frustration and some tears too.  We’re grateful for it all.

Ellie is a wonderful little girl who makes us laugh every day.  She’s constantly rolling out a new trick or a new sound and definitely keeps us on our toes.  We’re so glad that she’s in our family and that the Lord blessed us with her as our daughter.

Happy Birthday Ellie!  We love you oh so much!

Love, Baba and Mama

One of her new tricks – toe-chewing, along with another new trick “stop doing the cute thing that I’m doing and smile at the camera instead.”

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4 Responses to She’s One!

  1. Indeeds says:

    Happy Birthday, Ellie!

  2. Ash Francis says:

    Habby Birthday, sweet Ellie!

  3. Zona says:

    She is so CUTE! Happy Happy Birthday to dear Ellie!

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