A Success (and I hope we never do it again)

We made it through the yard sale!  We were up until 11:00 the night before getting all the last minute things priced.

Some of the stuff staged in the dining room the night before.

We were up at 6:00 Saturday morning and working by 6:30.  People started arrving by 7:30, a half hour before we were supposed to open.  And they just kept coming, hordes of them, until around 12:30 (a half hour after we were supposed to close).

We weren’t selling any furniture – we just used it to put stuff on.  Julie – we had multiple offers for your chairs! 🙂

We sold far more than we had anticipated and ended up with just one car load to take to the Salvation Army. I refused to take any of it back inside so we put it directly in our car and Nik took it straight over.

Then we collapsed and wanted to go to bed 3 hours early!

All in all, we made around $350.  A good day’s work!  And it’s all in our travel fund for next summer.  Hooray!

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