Is it enough for me to say that I don’t hate you now?

I’m on a huge, perhaps obsessive hunt to purge our house of all unnecessary things.  We’re having a yard sale on September 17th and my mission is to have every nook and cranny of our house sorted and purged by then.  I’ve finished our upstairs and am mostly finished with our main floor.  Only the basement is really left to tackle!  Two weeks ago, my goal was to sort through 15 years of assorted accumulated papers.  I recycled almost all of my graduate degree, a good chunk of my bachelor’s degree, and a ton of papers from my time in Blatimore.

It felt good to put out two giant boxes for recycling at the end of that week!

While I was doing this sorting, I came across a card from my childhood.  It was for either my 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th birthday (based on the family members in the card – basically, after Chris, before Rachel.)

Here it is.  Pretty cute, huh?

Mom wrote me a very nice message.

By now, you’re probably wondering what that extra writing is at the bottom.  Here it is, closer.

That’s right.  I circled “Daddy”, Mama” and “Chris.” You three evidently made my “most-loved family members” list.  Sorry, Eric, and Jon – clearly I had no love lost for my pesky little brothers who were always bothering me and never leaving me alone.  So I crossed you out of my family.


Is it enough for me to say that I’m really grateful that you’re in my family?  That I don’t hate you?  That I love you a lot?  That if Mom sent me a birthday card this fall signed from all of us, that I wouldn’t cross out your names?

I love you two! 🙂

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1 Response to Is it enough for me to say that I don’t hate you now?

  1. jonandleah says:

    I have now seen this card! Thank you for not crossing me out of your life anymore….Oh the memories! The card was awesome.

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