AIBLW: Ellie loves fruit! And corn!

Last month, we were getting a ton of plums through our fruit CSA.  So we gave one to Ellie every day.  I would take a bite out of it so that she could get into the skin and after that she ate it all by herself.  She became very adept at taking in a bite, sucking off the fruit and then spitting out the skin.  She even got to the point where she would suck the pit into her mouth, get off the fruit, and spit it out again.  Here’s the proof:

That’s the pit – not much left!

She is also really into eating corn on the cob right now too.  At first, I was cutting the tips off to help her get to the corn more easily but now we just hand her the corn and she gnaws on it until she gets some in her mouth.

We totally love this way of feeding Ellie!  Baby-Led Weaning – highly recommended!

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