Hooray for Rachel and baby Clara! (May sewing)

My sister Rachel had a baby on June 4th.  To celebrate baby Clara’s birth, I sewed Rachel a diaper bag ensemble.  You’ll notice that it’s getting harder and hard to take good pictures with Ellie in them – she wants to be moving all the time!

This is the “Here We Go” bag from Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner.  The gray and white fabrics are from IKEA and the purple was from my stash.  It’s a really large roomy bag with two exterior pockets with cute box pleats on the bottom.

The pattern has an interior divider but no interior pockets.  So I added three – one on each side and one on the divider.

One with a zipper:

One with elastic:

And one with a fabric accent:

The inside also features an elastic loop for the changing pad (in the pattern) and a D-ring for clipping keys to (an innovation which I added myself):

I also made her a changing pad:

And a little coin purse with a D-ring, for clipping onto keys as desired (note the blurry toes):

This was a fun project because I was able to use a lot of other skills that I acquired sewing the diaper bags for Nik and I as well as Meggan’s and the Tabitha bag too.  I love how sewing is such a cumulative art!

Hope you love using the bag Rachel!  We’re so happy to have baby Clara in our family!

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7 Responses to Hooray for Rachel and baby Clara! (May sewing)

  1. jonandleah says:

    Nice looking bag Laura! As well as a very active looking little lady in the back ground, she is getting so big!

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