Alaska Trip, Christmas 2010, Part 1

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for a long time (as a matter of fact, since Christmas!) and I figured I should at least post a few before we leave for our summer Alaska vacation.

Our first day in AK, we got to go dog mushing.  I’ve been many times before (because we had a team when I was in 6th grade) but this was the first ride for Nik and for Ellie.  Drew and Rachel have two sled dogs plus they borrowed a few more.  It’s been at least 15 years since I was on a sled.  I’d forgotten how exhilarating it is and also how incredibly cold the wind gets.  I love the sounds of the dogs straining at their harnesses with excitement, wanting to Go! Go! GO!

Drew was kind enough to be the driver for most of us.  His cheeks were certainly the coldest of everyone’s!

Drew, Jon, Leah, and Kaitlyn

Drew, Chris, Katie, Addie, and Alex

Most of the fam together

Ellie and I on the sled.  (This was purely for the photo op.  We didn’t actually take her on the moving sled – it would have been way too cold.)

Eric and Nik in motion

Selah and I rode together.  I was happy to ride in the basket and let her help Drew drive!

Note our red cheeks!  Also note the gorgeous light on the mountains behind us – that’s “magic hour” light at 3:00 in the afternoon!

And finally, a short video of Nik and Eric’s ride:

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2 Responses to Alaska Trip, Christmas 2010, Part 1

  1. Indeeds says:

    That looks like lots of fun!! And super cold…though anything cold sounds nice after these 95 degree days!

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