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Word to the Wise

Just because you’re trying to keep a baby busy and just because you want to show the world how the baby is now trying to lean way forward and maybe crawl and just because you’re trying to accomplish three other … Continue reading

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With Mama

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Landscaping/Yardwork update (and a revelation)

The Update I have added a page to our blog entitled “Landscaping the Castle”.  We live on two streets with royal names so we like to call our house the Castle.  And now we’re trying to get all our landscaping … Continue reading

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The Happy Family

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Tiptoe through the tulips!

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Ellie is 7 months! (Spring Photo Shoot)

We are certainly privileged to have Dan as our friend – for many more reasons than this of course, but right now we’re grateful that he’s such a good photographer and so generous to us with his gifts.  As you … Continue reading

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Enjoy your last year! (in your 20s that is!)

Happy Birthday Chris! We love you! (and thanks for giving me an excuse to put this picture of all my brothers on my blog – I’ve been wanting to for a long time!) (for the non-family members reading this post, … Continue reading

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Proof that Ellie likes broccoli

The other day she was actually “nursing” on the broccoli – moving her mouth as if she was nursing and making nursing sounds.  It was so cute- clearly she equates broccoli with food, food with nursing, therefore broccoli with nursing!  … Continue reading

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Dropping Naps = tricky

Ellie usually wakes up between 5:30 and 6:00 am these days.  She also tends to take short naps so she still needs four naps to be OK the whole day.  However, she is fast becoming unwilling to take that last … Continue reading

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April Sewing – Anne’s quilt

April’s big project was sewing the Hide and Seek Spectrum Quilt from Handmade Beginnings for Anne and her little girl, who was just born on Wednesday! Betsy, Heather, Steph, and I worked together on this one.  We each sewed some … Continue reading

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