April Sewing – Anne’s quilt

April’s big project was sewing the Hide and Seek Spectrum Quilt from Handmade Beginnings for Anne and her little girl, who was just born on Wednesday!

Betsy, Heather, Steph, and I worked together on this one.  We each sewed some blocks (which you can see in the background of the bunny picture).   Then I was in charge of piecing the quilt top:

As you can see, each block has a door that hides a fun fabric in the same color!  Sharp-eyed family members may recognize the frogs and the ducks!

Then I added white muslin in a very wide border, along with quilt batting and white muslin backing.

This quilt is sewn like a blanket (i.e. wth no binding).  So after I sewed it, turned it rightside out and double-edgestitched it, I handed it over to the other ladies.  They were in charge of all the amazing handsewing to illuminate the quilt.  They did lines of color through the border and around each block.  They also embroidered around one shape within each block.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

We trumped up an excuse for us to meet at Anne’s house last Thursday night and surprised her with the quilt!

This was such a fun project and so fun to be part of a quilting bee, even if we did most of the work on our own.  Now I want to make one for Ellie!

P.S. This quilt was also a bit of a triumph for me because I wanted to prove to myself that I could sew quilt blocks together and have them meet perfectly at the intersections.  So I trimmed the blocks really carefully so they’d be exactly the same, sewed really carefully as well, and ta da!  I did it!  (I’m not at 10,000 hours yet by any means but even a few hours of practice really makes a difference!)

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9 Responses to April Sewing – Anne’s quilt

  1. Indeeds says:

    I LOVE that quilt! The Hide and Seek doors are so cool!

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