First Solid Food

We decided to celebrate Ellie’s 7-month birthday by eating some solid food.  We chose sweet potatoes.

So first she looked at it.

Then we had a little fun playing.

And then we played some more.

And all that playing made a big mess.

In all of this, only about one smidge of a taste made it into her mouth.  And that was Ellie’s first experience with solid food.

(And yes, in all these pictures you have probably noticed the lack of a bib.  Classic new mama mistake.  Oh well – it washed out just fine!)

I plan to write more about this in the future but for now, in case you’re wondering where the classic “spoon into the mouth” picture is, we have decided to feed Ellie using the Baby-Led Weaning method.  The basics are no spoons, no purees, and the baby is the only person who ever puts food into her mouth.  You’ll find a good explanation of the method here.  I’ll write more about our reasons for doing this at some point.  The first part of this is just Ellie discovering what food is – consequently, lots of playing, not much eating.  She did a good job playing though!

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