Teething – Alaska style

Teething is where it’s at around here.  Lots of drooling, a bit of fussiness, and more drooling are our constant companions.  I can feel her two front teeth just below the surface.  In our quest to reduce the amount of plastic in our lives, we decided to buy solid wood teething rings, rather than the soft plastic teethers you can get at the store.  We bought two fun teethers from this store on Etsy.  They’re solid maple, unfinished, and fun.  We bought a guitar for Nik and this one for me.  She may not live there but Alaska cousins, can you say that you chew on Alaska?*

*Ellie hasn’t actually figured out how to chew on Alaska yet.  But she will!

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1 Response to Teething – Alaska style

  1. meggan says:

    Laura- look into amber teething necklaces, too!

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