My Inheritance, Part 2

How could I have forgotten these?  When I blogged about my inheritance from Papa and Granny, I forgot to include this beautiful sugar and creamer set, which Granny gave to Mom and Mom gave to me, when Nik and I got married.

Mom tells me that they were a wedding present to Papa and Granny from the people who Granny had worked for before they got married.  The wedding was held at this couple’s house and their daughter was Papa and Granny’s flower girl.  I love the delicate beauty of the set and really enjoy using them whenever I get a chance.  I also remember admiring them at Papa and Granny’s house, where they lived among Granny’s teacup collection.  They help me to remember her love of beautiful things and remind me to cultivate the same corresponding calm, beautiful environment in my own home.

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2 Responses to My Inheritance, Part 2

  1. Mom says:

    So beautiful! I’m glad you love them!

  2. Zona says:

    I always loved that beautiful set. They were so thin I could see light through them. I’m so glad they live with you, and that you treasure and use them sometimes and remember Mom’s beautiful spirit.

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