We’re home!

After a long trip (starting at 6:00 am AK time and ending at 1:30 am EST), we’re back in our own home!

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Nik’s family in Arlington, VA and then on Christmas night flew to Alaska to spend a week with all of my family.  Jon and Leah had flown in from England (via South Dakota) the week before so we had the absolute fun and joy of all being together for the first time in 2 1/2 years (since Rachel’s wedding).  From the original Judge 7, we’re up to 21!

It was so fun to have Ellie share her first Christmas first with her East Coast cousin Alex and then with all 8 of her Alaska/England cousins, Noah, Selah, Jonas, Addie, Ezra, Alex, Kaitlyn, and Grace!

While in Alaska, we found out that my sister Rachel and her husband are going to be having a girl in May.  So along with my brother Eric and his wife Meggan who are having a girl in March, we’re going to have five (5!) girl cousins under the age of 2!  Totally fun!

Today, I’m trying to unpack and recover from our trip home.  Ellie finally woke up at 3:00, having spent the entire day sleeping, only waking up a couple times to eat in her sleep.  I think the trip wore her out too!

We love you family and miss you already!

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1 Response to We’re home!

  1. jonandleah says:

    What a trip! Sound like Ellie was worn out. Glad you made it safe! Love you guys

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