Handmade Christmas 2010 – the One-Year-Old girls

For Kaitlyn and Grace, I made soft color books.  I made one of these for Nik’s nephew last year but modified the idea quite a bit this year.  My favorite innovation is the hand-embroidered words on the front and back.  I’d never done hand-embroidery before and it was a fun way to enter the embroidery world.  I actually did much of this embroidery on the drive to our 37-week midwife appointment – and in a sports bar while Nik watched the US Open final (on the same day).  So yes, Jon and Rachel, I sewed your kids’ books in a bar.  Blame it on Nik! 🙂

I especially like the pink and brown pages and the blue and orange pages together are for Nik.

(And yes, this means that I had 34 fabrics, four each of red, orange, green, blue, brown, yellow, pink and purple plus two black and white prints, in my stash.  I didn’t have to buy any fabric in order to make these books.  This is partly because I made this project last year for Alex and partly because I just have way too much fabric!)

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