Another student message

I love Eliana and love being home with her but I miss my students too and all the interactions that I had with them.  Here’s another e-mail that I got this summer from one of my 8th graders from last year.

hello teacher , how are you? .well I hope you’re fine! I also hope you to send me pictures of your baby at birth. My friends and I miss you so much, but maybe one day we’ll see you.thanks for being a good teacher and for helped me in class, I will never forget the experiences that I lived with you when I was in school, thanks again!..I hope you’re having a nice summer and take care.

It makes my heart happy when I get e-mails like this because teaching can be a pretty thankless job and sometimes it’s easy to wonder if the kids are really benefiting from what you do.   And here Y (from the Dominican Republic) gave me a little bit of love and some not-too-bad English compared to where she started in the fall.  Very gratifying!

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2 Responses to Another student message

  1. Steph says:

    Dominicans are so smart! 🙂

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