Class is in session

Today, students, we have three objectives that we need to accomplish.

Objective #1: Ending the crankiness of family members (who shall remain unidentified) who are upset with me for not posting enough pictures.

Objective #2: Proving that Eliana’s cheeks are totally adorable and kissable.

Objective #3: Saying thank you.

So let us begin:

For Auntie Julie who convinced us to not get get rid of this hand-me-down onesie.  Nik thanks you especially, because they’re having tie-dye day at his high school next week for Homecoming and he’s going to show this picture to all of his classes.

For Uncle Jon and Auntie Leah who sent us this fun shirt (thanks!) and to all the other British sympathizers out there (like Auntie Julie)

For JinAe, who knitted Eliana this gorgeous sweater and hat!

For Betsy and Nikki, who gave us this super fun onesie

And now class, let’s review.  Are you less cranky?  Aren’t her cheeks super-cute?  Do you feel thanked?  Yes?  Then objectives accomplished!

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7 Responses to Class is in session

  1. Nikki says:

    I love her! Can Mac and I come play this week?

  2. meggan says:

    I’m astounded that those things FIT her! I’ve seen said items of clothing and I’ve seen that baby!. WOW! and enough exclamatory sentences. Cheeks adorable. Sweet baby. I was never cranky… 😉

  3. Aunt Zona says:

    It was me! I confess to Eliana-photo-deprivation crankiness! Much better now, thank you, Laura. And you’re welcome, to all named persons and other lurkers, for said crankiness persuading Laura to post these fun, adorable and irresistably kissable cheek photos! Wistful sigh…she is just precious.

  4. ouralaskanlife says:

    i love that the england shirt is a [mock] turtleneck…
    that is hilarious.

  5. Laura says:

    Meggan – only the best for our baby. Aunt Zona – you’re welcome! I’ll try to do better from now on. I don’t want crankiness to be a regular emotion in your life!

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