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There are many things on the Internet that claim to allow you to predict if you’re going to have a boy or a girl.  One of them is the Chinese birth calendar/chart.  I’ve found two sets of conflicting instructions on … Continue reading

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Tonight, we ate liver (free-range chicken liver that is) for dinner.  I used this recipe and made homemade ketchup using this recipe.  This was probably the first time in my adult life that I ate liver and the first time … Continue reading

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Obligatory “She’s getting bigger” shot

(at 35.5 weeks) (And so is the baby.  These days we have conversations about how we’re both feeling crowded and so really, we just have to make compromises. And no, stretching full-length isn’t allowed, Baby, no matter how much you … Continue reading

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All our bases covered

The problem with not knowing if we’re going to have a boy or  a girl is that I can’t do any gender-specific sewing.  Rebel that I am, I decided to do a little bit anyway.  We’ve been given many lovely … Continue reading

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Cute and Little (no, the baby is not here yet)

We made little zippered wallets from this tutorial for sewing club over the last couple Monday nights.  Cute, easy, and fun! Now I want to make a Tabitha bag to match my wallet. (Recognize the fabrics, Leah?!)

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His and Hers

Diapers bags are necessary when you have a baby (or so I’m told).  So I decided to make two – one for each of us. His and hers diaper bags, not to be confused for each other: IKEA has fabulous … Continue reading

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