Warm fuzzies

I just got this e-mail message from one of my favorite students from last year.  (I know teachers aren’t supposed to have favorites but let’s be honest, we do.  Or at least I always did!)  I miss M – what a sweetheart!

Ok Mrs.B i miss uuuu soo much. And my 7th grade is good thank you for asking. I can not wait for see your baby. I LOVE U Mrs.B u r the best teacher. When u gonna come at School??? I miss uuuu ❤

I’d also like to point out that the beginning of last year, all M could say to me (with a terrified look on her face) was, “Miss – me no English”.  And now – my heart beats proud!  She has a long way to go of course but still – I’m so proud of her!

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3 Responses to Warm fuzzies

  1. jonandleah says:

    That is awesome! She has come a long way in her english. Your kids from your classes are going to LOVE your baby…..
    See you and Nik soon!

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