Any State Quarter Collectors out there?

I need Arkansas (2003) to finish my collection. I’m not sure why I’ve never managed to find that one.  Anyone have an extra one to send my way?

In exchange, I’d be happy to send you any of these below.  And I actually just discovered that I have about two-thirds of another collection saved.  You’d be well on your way to another collection if you want to buy my extra quarters!

This is what I have:

1999: CT, DE, GA

2000: all five (MD, SC, NH, VA, MA)

2001: KT, VT, NY, NC

2002: TN, OH, LA, MS

2003: IL

2004: all 5 (FL, TX, WI, IA, MI)

2005: OR, WV, MN

2006: NV, SD

2007: All 5 (MT, UT, WY, ID, WA)

2008: OK, AK, HI

2009: Guam

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