Likes and Dislikes

Some things from the past week that I DON’T like:

1. Unasked for, insensitive, badgering parenting advice.  I suppose I’m just going to have to develop a thick skin about this kind of stuff but seriously?  Do you really think I’m (we’re) making parenting decisions lightly, with no thought whatsoever?  Or that I’m 18 and I’ve never seen a baby before?

2.  Hot weather and swelling feet.

Some things I DO like:

1. Ripping fabric – why did I never do this before?  I’m working on another sewing project and last night I got almost the whole thing cut out in about an hour.  It had tons of pieces but rather than measuring and cutting, I measured and ripped and it was SO fast.  And so straight.  I’m totally converted.

2.  Progress on the work that we need to get done on our house.

3. Watermelon (weird, I know because I’ve hated watermelon my whole life.  But this week, we got such a good, sweet one from Ed, my favorite farmer, that I’ve been eating tons of it.  Must be a pregnancy thing.)

4.  Kind, generous people who give to us, both of their baby things and their experience (not advice) as parents.  Helps me to feel less negative about Dislike #1 above.

5.  The La Leche League. I went to a meeting yesterday and there is help, wisdom, and companionship there.  I am grateful.

6.  Lots of squirrels in our dogwood tree.  They’re eating the little berries that the dogwood tree makes and they are SO cute!

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3 Responses to Likes and Dislikes

  1. collene says:

    the WORST is when you get parenting advice from people who aren’t parents. nice right?

  2. meggan says:

    Sadly, you do need to develop a thick skin if you are not going to insulate yourself from everyone who isn’t just like you. I know that some people just think you are crazy when you make certain parenting choices. There are others that I’ve come across that see some choices and how much sacrifice they require on the part of the parents, and sometimes get defensive, like you have already judged them for choosing differently. And there are also just people who have a hard time taking other peoples points of view.

    Parenting is a very personal thing. As soon as you sense a conversation you want to avoid is coming up, you get good at changing the subject.

    Did you try Ed’s Sangria watermelon with the seeds? Or did he bring a new kind?

    I’ve never been to a Le Leche League meeting before. I’d love to hear about it.

  3. Laura says:

    Collene – sadly this came from a stranger who was also a mom, “I’m just trying to give you advice as a mom,” and I just couldn’t get away from her!

    Meggan – I am already learning just not to bring anything up because I’ve experienced the defensiveness already and it’s not fun.

    Ed has different watermelons now – not the smaller round ones. These are HUGE (and seedless)! And I’m just having Ed’s son pick them out for me and he seems to do a good job every week. Today we went for three weeks in a row!

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