Baby News

[yes, I realize that what you all want is really pictures of the baby, that is, my belly but who knows when that will happen.  So to tide you over…]

Here’s some fun baby news!

1. My new favorite pastime: lying on the couch watching my belly move of its own accord.  No one told me this would happen!  I’ve been totally loving feeling our baby move for several weeks now but this whole “watching the baby move” thing is cracking me up!  I totally get distracted from whatever else I’m doing!

2.  Baby’s new favorite pastime: Waiting to hear me say, “Nik, quick, get in here to see this!” and then completely stopping all movement until Nik says, “Nothing is going to happen,”  and leaves the room.  Of course, then Baby decides to start moving again.  (Actually, thankfully, Nik finally did get to see some movement tonight!)

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2 Responses to Baby News

  1. Nikki says:

    I think that’s a law of pregnancy – for the first several times you feel movement, the minute you call hubby in the baby stops, then starts back up again the minute he gives up! Now, at 35 weeks, Jas can consistently see and feel baby because he NEVER STOPS MOVING. Haha. So so excited to see your belly again!

  2. jonandleah says:

    it is so much fun to see the baby move. Baby Baltatzis is just being shy around Nik! Good to hear that you have an active baby!

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