The Last Full Day

Today, I worked my last full day of school for who knows how long.  It was rather anti-climatic because I didn’t actually teach any students.  I was at my elementary school and all my students were in their classrooms doing fun things.  So I just packed, did paperwork, etc. in my little classroom and got ready to leave.  But in my sorting of files, I found this letter that one of my middle school students wrote this year as part of our letter writing unit.  So I thought I’d give you all some tangible evidence that I’ve made a difference in a kid’s life.

[This was meant to be a business letter to the principal asking her to change something in our school.  These are J’s unedited words.  He’s from Mexico.]

Dear Dr. R__________:

I am writing to you to ask you to change the rule against kissing. Just let boyfriend and girlfriend because it will be better to kiss instead of scape from school because some teacher doesn’t let you outside kissing with your boyfriend and girlfriend that’s why the students act that because you cant kiss your girlfriend and boyfriend in the school that that’s not a good way to control students to not kiss with somebody that is going out with you and it will be better to kiss in the school.

See?  He obviously has the skills to succeed in society now!  He identifies a problem, a solution, and reasons to change it! (Punctuation is obviously optional.)

Only two half days left to go!

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1 Response to The Last Full Day

  1. Priscilla says:

    Good job, Mrs. B. !

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