“The Big Kahuna”

We’re in the middle of a gigantic snow storm – two storms to be exact, which are converging on the mid-Atlantic.  The forecasters are calling for anywhere from 20-30+ inches of snow over the next 24 hours.  At some points (mostly through the night tonight), they are calling for 1-3 inches per hour.  Go to weather.com and search for Baltimore and then check out the Map in Motion radar feature.  It’s crazy.  Zoom out so you can see the whole East Coast.  The storm is consuming us.  The forecasters are particularly enjoying this word: “PARALYZING!”

This is going to be an interesting one.  They’re saying that it has the potential to become the snowiest storm on record, since they started keeping records in 188-something.  I’ve already lived through the #1 storm – the famed Valentine’s Day storm of 2003 (which was my first winter in Baltimore) – when the official snow count was 28.2 inches.  That storm also came on a Saturday and school was canceled for a week.  The storm that we got just before Christmas was #7 (I think) on the list.  This is set to be one of, if not the, snowiest winters on record in Baltimore.  Crazy!

We’re not really planning on going anywhere for several days.  Particularly because there is supposedly another storm brewing for Tuesday/Wednesday.

We’re praying that we don’t lose power.  We’re also praying that Nik doesn’t destroy his back with all the shoveling (he’s starting tonight).  And that we don’t get bored out of our minds.  I think we’ll be playing a lot of backgammon.  And Rummikub.  And maybe even accomplish all of our Financial February goals.

We’ll try to show you some crazy snow pictures tomorrow or Sunday.

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3 Responses to “The Big Kahuna”

  1. nanacilla says:

    How about Speed Scrabble?!  That’s a crazy amount of snow.  Stay safe.

  2. nutmeggmama says:

    Eric and I suggest snowing every 3 inches. Now, I understand that that would be ten times of shoveling. but If you can toss aside your perfectionist tendencies [not YOUR’s, but just in general] and just go do a quick run through with the shovel on the ground, tossing the much lighter snow on to the side or whatever is legal in your town, and go back, it’s SO MUCH EASIER than trying to get rid of all of it at once. THAT is back breaking. I love you guys! Enjoy your snow. Hope you stay very warm.

  3. lauraejudge says:

    @nutmeggmama – Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂 Nik’s attempting to do that today.  Butunfortunately, we got about over a foot overnight and that’s what Nik’sbeen working on today – trying to catch up and then keep up.  We’retrying to stay warm!

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