Progress Report, #2 – “Organize”

I love having a theme and a list!  It definitely keeps me/us motivated to keep going.  You’ll notice that I took “basement” off the list.  That was way overly ambitious of me to think I would get the basement cleaned up this month.  So I’m relegating that to a summer job.  I replaced it with sorting the bookcase in our office.  It wasn’t even on my radar but Nik took it on.  We’re giving away two boxes of books and it looks great now!


1. My desk – Sort, file, and deal with all the papers that built up during December when all I was doing was sewing.  Basically finished – I’ve gone through all my papers and filed everything that I can.  All that’s left is what I need to take care of before filing – good enough for me to take it off the list!
2. Nik’s desk – ditto (except for the sewing part) He’s also made good progress and is almost finished.
3. Clear off the couch in our office – sort and put away all items.
finished except for the gardening paperwork that is currently being used (see #9)
4. Ditto for the floor of the office.  totally clear – mostly thanks to Nik!
5. Make a master harvest schedule (i.e. what we have to harvest/can/freeze and when throughout the whole year)
done!  We’re going to update this as the year goes by. 
6. Make a Master Recipe List – by season.
7. Sewing Room:  fabric, notions, card/paper supplies fabric is done!
8. Bookcase in the office – books sorted, culled, and organized.  Done!  Nik to the rescue!
9.  Make a seed order. in progress, Nik has it started
10. Catch all desk drawer in office.  Sorted!  I had to put most of it back in but it’s now neat and tidy.  And I found about $15 in quarters, four rolls of tape, a ton of buttons, 5-6 key chains and lots and lots of pens.  Not a bad haul!
11. Organize the recipes on my computer to match my recipe binder system. Finished!
12.  The pictures/papers on the refrigerator

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