Haiti has really been on my heart and in my prayers this week.

Some of what I’ve been seeing:
1.  Craft Hope for Haiti has all kinds of incredibly beautiful handmade items.  All the proceeds from the sales are going to benefit Doctors without Borders in Haiti.

2.  I heard this audio postcard this morning from a reporter in Haiti.  Please listen to it.  The elderly woman’s song at the end has haunted me all day.

3. My heart has also been heavy for the orphans of Haiti.  Please pray for them and those who are working desperately hard to help them.

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2 Responses to Haiti

  1. nanacilla says:

    Thank you, Laura.  I needed this.  What can I do???  I don’t know, but at least now it’s deeper in my heart, and will remind me to pray more often.

  2. jjandlj says:

    It’s good to hear that so many people have Haiti on their hearts…it’s on God’s heart as well.  Here we have heard a fair bit about it as well, and for campus intercession this morning it is the topic of prayer too.  We have a few friends that have gone to help with the relief efforts.  We must continue praying!

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