Usually my friend Julie and I go to the farmer’s market together on Saturday mornings.  It’s our standing date!  But this weekend, she was sick and I had lots to buy (namely the winter’s supply of broccoli).  So Nik came with me.  We were at the stand of my favorite farmer.  He always says something to the effect of, “It’s our Alaska girl!”  Anyway, he said something like this to Nik, “So you’re the husband, huh?  You went up there and stole one of the cuties and there aren’t even very many cuties up there!”

How’s that for a compliment?!

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2 Responses to Compliment

  1. judgie86 says:

    awesome 🙂 I guess I won’t take it personally !!! 😉

  2. lauraejudge says:

    @judgie86 – Definitely don’t take it personally! 🙂  He didn’t say there weren’t any cuties left! 

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