Some Blessings of the First Week of School

1.  It’s been blessedly cool.  One of my schools doesn’t have air conditioning but we haven’t even missed it.  It’s been the coolest first week of school of my teaching career.

(And, by the way, can anyone else believe that this is my 5th (fifth!!) year of teaching!?!)

2. Working at 2 schools means that I only have to come up with an outfit every other day.  AWESOME!!!!

3. At my elementary school, the music teacher is a Houghton grad and a believer.  She only graduated 2 years before I did and we both definitely recognized each other.  So cool!  So I have one friend and ally there and am making more friends.

All in all, a good first week (that’s almost over) and then a 3-day weekend!

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3 Responses to Some Blessings of the First Week of School

  1. that makes me think of the mom whose daughter i watched for awhile. She was a music teacher, and since she saw different students every week, she wore one outfit per week. She looked great, but the only person who really noticed was me, and I didn’t care. wouldn’t that be great?

  2. lauraejudge says:

    @lettersbykate – It would be awesome Katie!  Only one decision a week! 🙂  And think of how many less clothes you’d need!

  3. jjandlj says:

    Glad your first week seems to be going well!  School starts here on Monday…so we’ll soon be seeing lots of green uniforms around since that’s the uniform for the secondary school that is nearest us.  It’s funny seeing them all in their green blazers and skirts and green tights for the girls.  If you had uniforms you wouldn’t even have to make that decision for the week…and you’d get to wear it all week long every week!

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