Hello my dear family and friends.  I ask your prayers today and this week for two things.

1.  I have two interviews this week:  one, on Monday, at a middle school for a half-time position.  It’s a nice school (and middle school, which I love!) but is, very unfortunately, a long drive away.  I would then have to find a elementary position (half-time) to make a full time position.  The other one, on Wednesday, is at Nik’s high school (about 2 miles from us) for a full time position.  It may seem obvious that I should just take the high school position (Nik and I could even commute the whole five minutes together!) but it’s not so easy.  Just pray that the Lord will make his will very clear to us as to what position I should take.

2.  My friend has a good friend from Afghanistan who is studying in America but whose family is still back in her country.  Today, just before I left church, I found out that this friend’s sister was shot and killed last weekend and that her father was shot and severely wounded.  Please pray for their family, for the nation of Afghanistan, and for peace.

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  1. jjandlj says:

    Thanks for letting us know how to pray.  ;o)

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