Poetry Thursday

This poem is a bit stark – but an interesting idea to ponder…


By Roy Daniells

They gathered around and told him not to do it,

They formed a committee and tried to take control,

They cancelled his building permit and they stole

His plans.  I sometimes wonder he got through it.

He told them wrath was coming, they would rue it,

He begged them to believe the tides would roll,

He offer them passage to his destined goal,

A new world.  They were finished and he knew it.

All to no end.

                            And then the rain began.

A spatter at first that barely wet the soil,

Then showers, quick rivulets lacing the town,

Then deluge universal.  The old man

Arthritic from his years of scorn and toil

Leaned from the admiral’s walk and watched them drown. 

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1 Response to Poetry Thursday

  1. cjudge82 says:

    I like stark! Nice choice.

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