Now I’m a real Baltimorean (no, not a Balti-moron)

Tina and I went to the 92nd Annual Flower Mart this afternoon in downtown Baltimore, in Mt. Vernon Square.  We bought a few herbs and flowers and enjoyed the atmosphere.  In addition, I finally got to enjoy a traditional Baltimore treat – which evidently started in Baltimore:

Lemon Sticks!

I got this picture from Coconut and Lime.  Go to the Lemon Sticks link above to read her “recipe” for these and also a little more information about them.  It’s a fun cooking blog which features only original recipes that the blogger makes up herself.  She also lives just down the road from me so it’s fun to read the local references.

Now that I’ve finally had a Lemon Stick (which are strangely refreshing and delicious), I guess I can really be a Baltimorean!

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1 Response to Now I’m a real Baltimorean (no, not a Balti-moron)

  1. nanacilla says:

    The Flower Mart sounds like a wonderful place to spend a few hours.  Zona and I spent some time at the Master Gardener’s Plant Show/Expo yesterday and the atmosphere was great.  Maybe because of all the oxygen in the air?!

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