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What’s next?

So far this trip, I’ve been on the roller coaster ride of terror, flown within 10 miles of an erupting volcano (pictures of that to come) and just lived through a 4.7 earthquake.  What more fun is yet to come … Continue reading

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Flying in Alaska!

Dad, Rachel, Drew and I decided that we wanted some dinner tonight…in Talkeetna! So rather than driving 2 1/2 hours, we just flew there!  What a life!  The weather was gorgeous and Denali was completely clear. Here’s the plane (a … Continue reading

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I’m off!

Off for Spring Break and off to Alaska!  So far, Mt. Redoubt is behaving favorably so I’m hoping all will go well today.  Your prayers are appreciated on that front! This will be the longest that Nik and I have … Continue reading

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Some random thoughts and an announcement at the end

Inspired by Zona, here are some random thoughts that will likely never be developed into full blog posts so let’s just get them out there, right? Making bread is hard…I’m trying the “Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day” method … Continue reading

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Another awesome feature of Gmail

Well, my friends, Gmail has done it again.  It seems like every year, they just keep managing to up the incredibleness quotient.  Last year, it was Custom Time.  This year it’s AutoPilot. You’ll never have to write your own email again. … Continue reading

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