Some random thoughts and an announcement at the end

Inspired by Zona, here are some random thoughts that will likely never be developed into full blog posts so let’s just get them out there, right?

Making bread is hard…I’m trying the “Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day” method and while the method is beautiful and simple, the bread is less than desirable.  Tastes good, just too heavy.  I have to keep working on that.

The MSAs are over.  I actually had to teach this week.  Poor me.  Once again, the stupidity of making kids taking tests when they don’t know English is overwhelming.  You try taking a test in Japanese (or Chinese, or Spanish, or any other language you don’t know) after only studying for a year.  See if you can pass.  And yet, I am so proud of my kids because they try so, so hard.  They really really want to succeed and to make us proud of them.  And we ARE proud of them.  Just not of our education system.  Here’s my rant about the MSA during my first year of teaching.  It all still applies, unfortunately.

Spring is here.  It’s beautiful.  And I’m not ready for it.  My winter projects are not done!  My curtains aren’t all sewn!  Our flower bed project isn’t designed.  And I’m leaving for Alaska in two days (please pray for Redoubt to just stay calm!).  We planted some spinach seeds but really haven’t done any other yard work.  I feel like if I start doing yard work, then I’m admitting that I have to give up on my winter jobs and start my summer jobs!  Anyway, it is nice to see the bulbs coming up which I planted in the fall!

I love sewing.

Last week, I was able to visit my old school for about an hour.  I mostly went there to visit a student who had transferred from my school to my old school.  But it was a good excuse to visit my old students.  I felt like a movie star, I was greeted with so many squeals and hugs!

The Announcement:  I got excessed again, just like last year.  This means that I won’t be working at my current school next year.  So for the second year in a row, I’m in limbo.  I don’t feel nearly as emotional about this as I did last year, mostly because I’m not nearly as attached to this school, having only taught here for about 7 months before being excessed.  But it’s still hard and this time, I don’t have any idea where I’ll be working next year.  It will probably be in multiple elementary schools as there aren’t any middle school jobs available for next year.  So your prayers would be appreciated on that one.

And now, I need to sign off and pack for my trip to Alaska! Mt. Redoubt, be kind, baby, be kind!

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1 Response to Some random thoughts and an announcement at the end

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    Thanks for the random thoughts…my advice on winter projects and reality?  Say, “Oh, well!” and move on to spring.  That way you won’t be two seasons down when summer arrives  Sorry about your job, but glad you’re okay and trusting the Lord to take you where He needs you!  BTW, have a wonderful Alaskan trip!

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