Our trip to Port Alsworth (and oh yeah, the volcano too!)

On Sunday, Drew flew Dad, Rachel, and I to Port Alsworth so we could go to church and see all of our old friends.  On our way there, we realized that the volcano was erupting.  We flew within about 10 miles of it.  Thankfully, the wind was blowing the other way – obviously, we wouldn’t have flown through the ash.  The day was unbelievably gorgeous and mountain flying is so much fun!  Here are a few shots from flying on that trip:

(That’s the volcano through the windshield)

(That’s Lake Clark, just as we were emerging from the pass.)

(There’s Port Alsworth itself!)

Here’s a couple shots from our flight back – Mt. Redoubt again and the Anchorage skyline:

Of course, when we were in Port Alsworth, we didn’t think to take pictures of those we were with but we did get to eat lunch with Jackie Wilder, and Lyle’s new wife Heidi.  We also spent about an hour with Ralph and Patty Nabinger.  It was a very nice trip!

Here are the four of us on the lake in front of the Nabingers’ cabin.

(This is one of the less serious shots!)

It was a wonderful trip.  I feel very blessed to have been able to visit there.  And it was fun to be introduced in church as a Stump.  I don’t get that in Baltimore!

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