Flying in Alaska!

Dad, Rachel, Drew and I decided that we wanted some dinner tonight…in Talkeetna! So rather than driving 2 1/2 hours, we just flew there!  What a life!  The weather was gorgeous and Denali was completely clear.

Here’s the plane (a Cherokee something or other)…

The four of us before we took off (note my sweet sunglasses, from Granny!)

Me being nervous because Drew was making me fly the plane while he looked at the map

Denali in all its glory:

The Talkeetna airport (airstrip really) after we’d eaten dinner and taken off again

And for your viewing pleasure, go watch this video (which Rachel took) of our roller coaster ride of terror, or in other words, when Drew went up really fast and then quickly nose-dived to attempt to create zero gravity.  Note the pencil levitating!  (And yes, that’s me screaming and Rachel giggling!!)

Tomorrow, if the weather allows, we’re flying to Port Alsworth for church.  Should be fun!

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3 Responses to Flying in Alaska!

  1. nikzb says:

    I am extremely jealous.  

  2. jjandlj says:

    You don’t even know what kind of plane it is?  And you call yourself Alaskan?!  One thing I remember about flying in Alaska is everyone would ask what kind of plane…and if I didn’t know they’d ask so many descriptions until they knew what kind of plane it was.  I’m glad you’re having fun…we wish we were there too!

  3. nanacilla says:

    What fun!  (except for the ride of terror – I’ve never really gotten into that stuff!)

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