More Sewing

Here are three sets of baby blankets that I’ve sewn in the past few months.  The first two were for Kristen and Anna and the last set is for my friend Sharla and her as of yet un-named, un-born daughter!

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2 Responses to More Sewing

  1. nanacilla says:

    Beautiful, Laura.  I’m intrigued by the stitching on your blankets. 

  2. lauraejudge says:

    @nanacilla – Well, Mom, when you told me how to make the burp cloths, you suggested that I should put a few more lines of stitching through them to make them a little stronger.  So I’ve just been having fun, trying to work out new geometric patterns!  I really want to learn how to free motion quilt but I have to get a new foot for my machine before I can do that.  Then I will be able to do more than straight lines.  The one with green stripes got a little out of control.  That was my first attempt and I wasn’t realy planning.  After that, I thought a little before I started sewing!  Although that first one was probably the most interesting of the bunch that I’ve made!

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