Thank You

Thank you for praying.  My student is OK although after the end of this week, the student won’t be attending our school anymore.  I think the student is going to be OK.

I understand why revenge killings happen.  Because you know the problem with pure evil?  You want to return it in kind.  You want to hurt the person has hurt those who you love and care deeply about.  It is only by the grace of God that we are not in a ever escalating round of violence.  I am grateful for those in our world who are working for justice, those like Gary Haugen and International Justice Mission; like those who work in advocacy groups; like those who work for World Relief and other relief, development and aid organizations; and those working for reconciliation.  Because we need God’s grace and justice in our world.

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3 Responses to Thank You

  1. jjandlj says:

    Yes, it is so true.  I also am so thankful for those working toward justice and reconciliation.  When we were working in N Ireland and Lebanon teaching the forgiveness and living amongst those that have seen much pain, anger, hate, and revenge, I became very aware of 2 things.  I also am as capable as they are of such anger, hate, etc.  And secondly, the more we spoke with people about war and violence, the more convinced I was that revenge only begins a cycle…it does not accomplish that which it is meant to do but instead continues the cycle that can last for years, decades or even centuries and cost so many lives.  But in this, I also have to go back to the first point: I am as human as each person we come in contact with and I also am all too capable of hurting others.  We all truly need God’s grace and justice.Thanks for writing Laura.-L

  2. judgie86 says:

    it was so good to read this blog. . .remind to tell you a conversation that has been floating around lately. We need to talk soon!!

  3. nanacilla says:

    Thanks for sharing that, Laura.  Certainly, but for God’s grace and His redemptive work in our lives, we could be in the same place.

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