The “We’re all family, right?” House Tour

As in, “We’re all just family so the house doesn’t have to be perfect before you come over” house tour.  My dear friend Lisa has been asking me for pictures of our house since we got married.  And I’ve been waiting since that time for the house to be in tip-top shape in every room to take pictures.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, that’s never going to happen.  So here’s a tour of our house for Lisa, and for anyone else who wants to come along, in whatever shape it was in when I got home this afternoon at 4:30 pm.  You’ll notice that it’s a gorgeous day, one day after our huge snowstorm which covered all my just emerging bulbs with about 4 inches of snow.  Welcome to March in Baltimore!

And welcome to our house!

  Please come in and enter our kitchen!

Walk through our kitchen and enter the hallway to the left.

The bathroom is on the left and the bedroom is straight ahead.

This is the icon that Tina gave us before we were married, in the special traditional Greek blessing of the bed ceremony that we had two days before the wedding.

Go back into the hallway and across from the bathroom is the door and stairway to the basement.

Walk to the bottom of the stairs, turn to the left and see lots of stuff that we need to sort, put away, and throw away:

Go back to the bottom of the stairs, turn right, and see lots more stuff, including our TV which just got banished to the basement, replaced by the piano!

Walk across the basement to the far door and enter the laundry room:

Turn around, and look down the other side of the basement to see lots more stuff, and discover that the basement is huge!  (All the better to store junk in, my dear!)  Notice that you can see Nik’s drum set in this picture and in the previous one too – it’s just one big rectangle.

Go back up the stairs, turn to the right, and go down the hallway into the office.

Then go back into the hallway, turn left, and continue walking around to the stairs to go upstairs.  Notice the half-circle at the top of the door.  Also notice the cool wood shelves that are on one side of the stairs.  This is currently the location for “I don’t know what to do with these” things.

Walk to the top of the stairs and stop on the landing:

Then turn right to go into our guest room.  Notice the door to the half-bath next to the bed:

Ooh and ahh at some of my favorite features in this house, the built-in bookcase and drawers.

Then walk across the landing into the second bedroom, which is my sewing/craft room:

More oohing and ahhing is now necessary as you admire our cedar closet and more built-in drawers:

Walk back down the stairs, and just for kicks, go out the front door (which we never use)  See the half circle in the door?  We’re on the opposite side of the house now from where we came in:

Now go back inside because it’s cold, and keep going past the stairs into the living room.  See our new piano?!  (It’s actually Nik’s piano that he played growing up.  Tina gave it to us and the movers just brought it over on Saturday):

Notice that door to the outside.  It goes out onto a porch that does not have a way to get to the ground.  Here’s the porch from the outside.  We’re now on the front of the house:

Back inside, we walk through the archway on the other side of the living room and enter the dining room:

I love the built-in hutches:

Walk through the doorway and we’re back in the kitchen again!

And there you have it!  A tour of our house.  Now everyone, please come visit to take the grand tour in person!

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2 Responses to The “We’re all family, right?” House Tour

  1. Aunt Zona says:

    What a cool house!  Wow – so much craftsmanship and detail.  The character that is missing in so many cookie-cutter houses is very evident in yours.  I’m so glad you just let it be what it is and showed it to us – thanks!

  2. nanacilla says:

    So nice to see your house again!  I love the way the piano fits into your living room.  It looks like it was meant to be there.

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