Crazy Day

Today was a crazy day.  One of my students stole a very large sum of money from another ESOL student.  I have both students in the same class. Needless to say, we didn’t get a ton of thing done this afternoon. During the midst of it, there was a class change and I had another set of kids for two more periods.  In that set of kids, I had three kids who were really with me, one boy who was refusing to work (long story), and another boy crying and really upset because he had been falsely accused by the thief of being involved.  Ideal learning situation, right?  Anyway, at some point I had to leave the room to deal with the defiant boy and so put another student, A, in charge of teaching the class.  They were just reviewing the answers and so I figured he could handle that.  He LOVED it!!  He called on different students to give their answers and then said, “Class, do we agree with B?” Those are exactly the words that I use, clearly all too often!  He was being me!  Afterward, he kept saying, “Miss, being a teacher is fun, right?  I like being a teacher!”  He was very cute about the whole thing and gave me a little levity in a tough and sobering day.  He also gave me a little perspective on the whole thing.  Yes, being a teacher is fun.  Just not always.

P.S. Stay tuned for a special Friday edition of “Poetry Thursday”.

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  1. nanacilla says:

    On being a teacher…on of my 3 year olds on Wed. night looked at my turtle necklace and said,”When I’m a teacher, I’ll have a turtle, Okay?”  So cute.  I must agree, though, that whether I’m teaching 16 year olds or preschoolers, it’s fun.  Just not always.

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