Never promise feedback the next day unless you know you can follow through

That’s a lesson I learned early on.  As in, never promise, “I’ll have your tests graded by tomorrow” unless you’re sure you can do it.  As in, don’t promise, “I’ll post the answers tomorrow” when you’re making dinner for someone that next day and taking it to their house to eat it with them.  It’s a lesson I clearly haven’t completely learned!

So everyone gets a big “check plus” for participation but no one got them completely right so no A+ for anybody.  Sorry!  I’m trying to avoid grade inflation here.  I must say, Nik and I enjoyed all the guesses and particularly had a good laugh at Rachel’s guesses.  How in the world did you come up with “yawl”?

And, as maybe Meggan figured out, if you hold your mouse over the pictures, the title that I saved them as comes up and you’ll see that the three words were hand, dig, and stand.  In the picture that I showed to my students, I drew an arrow pointing at Nik and an X over me.  So they got the idea.

It was really fun to see their reactions to seeing me and Nik in the pictures.  They loved it!  But I was surprised by how they zeroed in on the periphery of the pictures.  They wanted to know all about the room we were in, about the computer in the background, and about what we were doing.  Both classes also asked if I knew that Nik was taking a picture of me in the dig picture.  I guess I was convincingly enthralled in my digging!

And Rachel, thanks for the compliment on my sweater.  I bought it in 2003.

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3 Responses to Never promise feedback the next day unless you know you can follow through

  1. nutmeggmama says:

    thats funny laura. i didn’t notice the hover factor till i went back the next day. I thought you added that as the answers.

  2. lauraejudge says:

    @nutmeggmama – Nope – that’s just the names that Nik gave to the files when he saved them and then Xanga did it for me.  I didn’t even notice it until the next day! 🙂

  3. judgie86 says:

    haha…..good ol’ google 🙂 yeah, i definitely like that sweater a lot!!! I wish i could meet your new class!! i look foward to our date tomorrow morning, i wish i could just fly down!!!

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