Week 2, The drive between Athens and Nea Kallikratia

Today, I continue the story of our Summer 2008 trip to Greece.  To see all of our pictures, click here.  For most of the pictures, Nik has mapped them so you can see exactly where in Greece they were taken.  If you missed it, here’s the whole list

Part 4 (of 8 or maybe 9, we’ll see!)

Nik’s mother’s family lives in Nea Kallikratia, which is about a six-hour drive from Athens.  They are in Northern Greece, just south of Thessaloniki, which is the other major city in Greece.  In central Greece, there were two major important archeological sites that Nik wanted me to see.  So we decided to go to one of them on the drive up to Kallikratia and the other on the way home.  Both of them were a bit of a detour and made for a long day of driving.  But I’m so glad we went to see them!

On the way up to Kallikratia, we went to Delphi.  Delphi is one of the more important archeological sites in Greece.  It was home to the Delphi oracle (for those of you who remember your ancient Greek history!).

On the drive there, we first drove through the town of Arahova, which is known for its textiles – rugs, sheepskins, weavings, etc.  We didn’t end up buying any textiles there but we did buy some incredible bougatsa (cream-filled phyllo pastry) for breakfast.  It was still warm and I could have eaten two more of them!

I really enjoyed walking around the town.

Delphi was just a few miles past Arahova.  We spent a couple hours walking through the archeological sites.  It’s on the side of a mountain and so we just kept walking up and up and up.  The cliffs were really gorgeous. 

There was all kinds of writing carved into the rocks.  Nik was able to put his Greek school training to good use and managed to pick out a few words. 

This is the picture you usually see on postcards for Delphi.  This is the Temple of Athena.  There were originally columns all the way around the circle.  The three columns up now were reconstructed which is why the stone is two different colors.  Nik worked hard for this picture!  The sun was behind a cloud when we were there the first time but it peeked out after we’d walked away.  So he sprinted back to get the good picture with the sunshine and he just barely made it before the sun went back behind the cloud again!

After we left Delphi, we had a long drive ahead of us to Nea Kallikratia.  On this drive, I got to see Mount Olympus, the famous mountain of the gods, and also I ate gyro with ketchup and mustard for dinner!  This is evidently how the real Greeks eat gyros in northern Greece!  And around 8:30 in the evening, we arrived in Kallikratia, where I was to meet lots of relatives, hold a new little baby, and have lots of fun in the ocean!

To be continued…

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3 Responses to Week 2, The drive between Athens and Nea Kallikratia

  1. nanacilla says:

    What a beautiful country!  Thanks for the tour – I’m loving it!

  2. Aunt Zona says:

    I especially loved the second picture down, the one of the little street.  It would make a wicked jigsaw puzzle, or painting for a wall. Keep coming with the pictures – they are very interesting!

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