It’s break time!

Summer break and bone break.

Yes, you read right – I broke my left pinkie toe.  (Yeah – I know, corny title!)  Stubbed it on the corner of our new garden bed (pictures of which I still haven’t put up).  I was showing off our five kinds of tomatoes, four kinds of peppers and herbs to Tina, took the corner too sharply and bam!  Broken toe.

So I have to ice every 2-3 hours for the next three days, keep the toe buddy taped to the two toes next to it and wear a really dorky stiff-soled shoe for three weeks.

And we leave for Greece in one week.

Perfect timing really.   Oh well.  We’ll just make the best of it.  On the positive side, it doesn’t hurt that bad.  And evidently I only believe in breaking bones that can not be put in a cast because the only other bone I’ve broken is my collar bone – in 9th grade.  At least I’m consistent. 

(And I promise that before we leave for Greece I’ll blog about everything that’s happened in the last few weeks!)

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