What do you do when your husband isn’t home, your front porch doesn’t have stairs to the outside, you don’t want to carry all of the pots through the house, and it’s a two person job to get the pots onto the porch?

You wait.

I guess patience is a virtue.

(And in the meantime, shut the Jehovah’s Witnesses down by saying that you already believe in Jesus and you don’t want their magazine, go to a barbeque with friends from Covenant Group, and buy more dirt because you already used up 55 quarts of potting soil!)

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1 Response to Waiting

  1. jjandlj says:

    I remember last year when we transferred all your plants from the front porch down so your friend could take care of them while you were away at your honeymoon.  Yes, you’d need an extra person!  Miss you already!

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